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Minggu, 06 Juli 2008

Teddy Bear

Slank ALbum 999 + 09

I'm just your teddy bear,,
Never say I swear.. Don't you dare
'cause I don't care,,
My love is every where�

I'm just your tedy bear�,,
Never say I swear,, Don't you dare
'cause I don't care,,
You know love was unfair..
When you scare, you know I'm there..
Cause I'm your teddy bear..

If you treat me right, and hold me tight
And I hope you sleep well..

I'm your teddy bear
I'm just your teddy bear
I'm your teddy bear
Sugar� I'm your teddy bear
Honey honey baby I'm your teddy bear
Never say I swear
I don't care
My love is every where

Song and lyric by -
Album 999 + 09
Release year 1999
Produced by Slank Record
Formation : Bimbim, Kaka, Ivan, Abdee, Ridho

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